Notes: mountain walks & climbs

Notes for guided day hikes and climbs with High Adventure

1) Guide qualifications – All guides used by High Adventure are qualified with appropriate South African mountain guide qualifications, are registered as tourist guides, and are experienced and knowledgeable about local mountain conditions .

2) Medical insurance – all clients should have suitable medical insurance that is valid in South Africa and covers mountaineering, including rescue/ emergency evacuation.

3) Indemnity – Waiver release forms are given and explained to the clients by the guide when they meet and these must be completed and signed before the guided mountain activity commences.

4) Duration – Third-day from about 7.30 – 10.30am (roughly 3 hours); ½ day from about 7.30am to 12am (roughly 4½ hours); Full day is roughly from 7.30am to 5pm (roughly 9 hours). The start-up time for any specific activity is to be confirmed as part of making arrangements when booking.

5) Fitness required – Fitness levels should be reasonably high, ideally, helping ensure enjoyment of the hiking/ climbing experience. However, a wide range of fitness levels can be accommodated by tailor-making the mountain excursion.

6) Personal Kit List – Clients must have footwear and socks suitable for hiking, cool and comfortable clothing to walk in, a spare T-shirt or similar, warm clothing and, possibly, a waterproof shell jacket, a daypack , water, sun hat, sun block, camera (optional), extra cash (cable car, tip for guide?).

7) Transport – This is NOT included in the price but, if needed, the guide could lift up to four clients, if they are based fairly central in Cape Town, in his/ her personal vehicle for no additional cost. High Adventure can arrange transport for bigger groups than this, but the additional expense would be for the clients’ account.

8) Catering – This is NOT included in the short, day-hikes and climbs.

9) Cable car fares – These (where/ when applicable) are NOT included in the listed prices .

10) Payment – This is to be in cash, or EFT, and paid in full before/ at the commencement of the hike.

11) Group discounts – These are available for larger groups – please enquire

12) Value Added Tax – No V.A.T. is payable, as High Adventure is not V.A.T. registered.

13) Commission – The commission for booking agents is NOT included in the price.

14) Routes may vary, or change depending on the weather and the clients’ needs and/or abilities.

15) Tailor-made guided mountain walks and climbs can be shaped to meet your specific requirements.

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